Bonus Card

Get your own Athienitis Bonus Card and join a world of discounts and special offers. Our gift card offers you the possibility to save money and join the Athienitis family. On this page, you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our loyalty points system

Very simple. Go to the customer service desk at any Atheinitis supermarket and provide your details such as your name, ID, and phone number. Your card is issued immediately.

You can start using the bonus card immediately.

The card can be used only in Athienitis Supermarkets. During checkout, you will be asked for your card or mobile phone number. When you pay for the goods you shopped, your loyalty points are credited to your account instantly.

The points are cashed out only by the owner of the card. Just head over to the customer service desk and present your ID. Depending on the loyalty points you have accumulated a coupon is issued equivalent to the amount you want to redeem. You present your coupon during checkout and the amount is deducted from your payable amount*.

*except for beauty department.

One euro equals one point. 

No, you can't. Loyalty points are not transferable between customers.

No, the loyalty points never expire. The supermarket's management has the right to change their decision after notifying its customers first - at least 30 days prior.

Athienitis Supermarkets reserve the right to stop the loyalty program scheme whenever they see fit, after informing its clients at least 30 days before to spend their accumulated points.